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Having a dog as a pet is something that makes everybody happy. With the changing times, humans have started finding comfort with dogs. But is your dog healthy? We feed them with dog foods, but does that food have enough calcium needed for a dog? The answer is no, sometimes only giving dog food to your little one doesn’t suffice his calcium needs. Calcium is an essential nutrient as it helps in building muscles and bones. Dogs need to have optimal levels of calcium to stay healthy and have an active lifestyle. 

As dogs are more playful and engage in more physical activity than other pets, make sure that your pooch is getting the calcium in the right amount. You can feed them calcium supplements specifically designed to meet a dog’s requirements. There are many types of calcium tablets available for dogs in the market today. To help you find the right one, here is a list of having a variety of high calcium pills and supplements for dogs. You can check the product out and find the one that is best suited for your dog:

Best Calcium Supplement for Dogs

1) Pet-Tabs Calcium Formula Supplement for Dogs

Pet-Tabs Calcium Formula Supplement

Pet-Tabs is a known name for dog food as they formulate their products, keeping the requirements of dogs especially. Pet-Tabs Calcium Formula Supplement is suited for maintaining teeth and bones in dogs. Tablets come in chewable form. Along with calcium, these tablets are also a source of essential vitamins and phosphorus. The tablets come in two variants: 60 counts and 180 counts. You can give one pill a day to your dog initially and then increase the dosage as per the requirement.

Key features:

  • The tablets are in chewable form making it easy to feed dogs.
  • It also has Vitamin D3 and Phosphorus.
  • These tablets can be given along with the food to dogs.
  • It helps in the development and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones.
  • These calcium tablets are suitable for both active and senior dogs.


2) Lambert Kay Sure Grow Calcium Supplement for Dogs

Lambert Kay Sure Grow

Lambert Kay Sure Grow supplement has calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins. The ingredients help promote bone ligament and tendon development in the growing puppies. This supplement has a unique taste, which is liked by the dogs. Essential vitamins A and D are also present in its formulation that helps in supporting the health of the dog. The tablets come in different sizes and packaging; you can try a smaller packing for trial and then proceed with buying a bigger one for your champ.

Key features:

  • It comes in chewable form making it easy for dogs to digest.
  • This calcium supplement has fast absorbance and delivers quick results.
  • It has a unique and exclusive formulation of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins.
  • It helps with bone development in growing dogs.
  • This supplement shows quick results in growing dogs.


3) Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium for Dogs

Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium

This calcium supplement is one of the highly-rated dog supplements available in the market today. The calcium present in this supplement is derived naturally from the Seaweed, which makes it organic and easily digestible for the dog. As this supplement easily digestible, the amount of supplement used is less. The powder form of the supplement is easy to add to the dog food and administer it to the pets. It supports the heart health of the dog. The supplement is a premium human-grade product suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Key features:

  • There is no flavor in this supplement; hence, it doesn’t change the taste of meals.
  • This supplement can be used along with the cooked meals or can be added to the meals as well.
  • The calcium present is the supplement supports and helps in building strong bones, teeth, nails, and a healthy coat.
  • It is also highly recommended by Vets due to its high calcium content.


4) UPCo Bone Meal Steamed Bag Supplement for Dogs

UPCo Bone Meal Steamed Bag Supplement

The UPCo bone meal supplement contains calcium, phosphorus, and minerals which are derived naturally. This bone meal supplement is useful in the strengthening of bones in the growing puppies. Along with growing puppies, it is helpful for nursing bitches. The recommended dosage for dogs according to their size and age is mentioned on the package itself. So you can check the dosage and feed your dog accordingly.

Key features:

  • It promotes proper development and bone growth in growing dogs.
  • It is suitable for both cats and dogs.
  • All the ingredients of the supplement are natural and thus it doesn’t cause any allergies in dogs.
  • The supplement can be fed along with the meals every day.
  • As the calcium is naturally derived, dogs like the taste of this supplement.
  • The use of this supplement is effortless and hassle-free.


5) NutriVed Calcium Plus Chewable Vitamins for Dogs

NutriVed Calcium Plus Chewable Vitamins For Dogs

As the name itself suggests, these tablets come in chewable form making it easy for the dog to ingest. These pills have a high content of calcium as well as vitamins needed by the dogs. It comes in Roast Beef and Liver flavor.  You can easily crumble it and mix it with your dog’s food or administer the pills directly.

Key features:

  • As it contains calcium and vitamins, it can be used as a dietary supplement.
  • It has calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D3 and is helpful when dogs have a deficiency of these vitamins.
  • These chewable tablets are useful for pregnant and lactating bitches.
  • As these tablets have all the essential supplements, it is beneficial for the fast-growing breed of dogs.


6) Nature’s Best Seaweed Calcium Supplement for Dogs

Nature’s Best Seaweed Calcium

This supplement comes in powder form which is easy to use. The powder is tasteless and can be used in hot as well as cold dog foods. This calcium supplement is laboratory tested for impurities. All the ingredients are FDA GRAS approved and allergen-free. The supplement helps in building strong bones, teeth, nails, and a healthy coat. It can be added to both hot or cold foods. It is also halal certified and vegan.

Key features:

  • It is 100% natural, as it is harvested from Icelandic Calcareous Marine Algae.
  • This supplement is a concentrated source of calcium.
  • It helps with heart functions by supporting muscle contractions in the heart.
  • The supplement also helps in building strong teeth and bones as well as nerve transmission and hormone secretion.
  • It also improves the overall heart health of the dog by supporting heart contractions.


7) PetAg Calcium Phosphorus Tablets for Dogs

PetAg Calcium Phosphorus Tablets

The last alternative in this list is this PetAg Calcium Phosphorus tablets. These tablets contain Calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D3 which promotes optimal growth. It also includes extra D3 for healthy bones. This supplement is also available in powder form. The supplement can be used for other animals too.

Key features:

  • As the tablets come in a chewable form, dogs can digest it easily.
  • It contains calcium and phosphorus which helps in development and growth.
  • This tablet is beneficial for optimum growth in dogs.
  • As it also contains Vitamin D3, these tablets are also useful for lactating bitches.


Importance of calcium in dogs

Calcium is an essential nutrient that is required by dogs in teeth and bone development. According to the National Research Council (NRC), the calcium requirement of a healthy dog is 50 mg per kilogram of the weight of the dog.

However, the recommended quantity is 1 gram. Calcium is needed in higher concentrations when the dogs are growing, aging, pregnancy and lactating stages. Along with helping in growth and development, calcium is also known to support heart function, muscle contraction, hormone secretion, and blood coagulation. Deficiency of calcium can cause skeletal abnormalities, weak teeth, and bones, as well as a delay in the formation of teeth. 

The amount of Calcium present in dog foods is not enough for the dogs. Thus high calcium supplements should be used, which can aid the development processes during the growing period of dogs.

Concluding Remarks

It is vital to keep a check on your dog’s health and diet to ensure its well being. The supplements are a good source of nutrients and are also easy to feed to your little ones. All the supplements mentioned above are of the premium quality and show a visible change in 4-8 weeks. Make sure to check the list of ingredients and details before making a purchase.

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