Can I Give My Dog Vitamin E?: Know Benefits, Dosage, and Deficiency

When it comes to dogs or any of our beloved pets, we become extra careful. Even when we know and 100% sure about something, we have to reconfirm the information and double check its pros and cons as it is for our lifeline – our pets. Today, I have come up with the same situation like I have mentioned – the need for vitamin E for the dogs.

We all know that just like all the other vitamins and minerals, vitamin E is significant for humans. But is that as important for the dogs? Here in this article, I will give some facts regarding vitamin E in the context of pets. Read further to get all the answers to your confusions.

Can I Give My Dog Vitamin E?

Many pet owners ask me this question. If you have the same question too, my answer will be ‘YES’! You must give vitamin E to your dog to make his muscles strong. If your dog has got an injury, then it is preferable to provide soybean, which contains the highest amount of vitamin E.

If you are living in some cold area with your dog, then vitamin E is essential for your dog. As it boosts up the immune system, you must give this vitamin to your favorite canine. Treat your dog with the recipes of spinach, corn oil, peanuts, eggs, etc.

You can also buy the pills of vitamin E by consulting your veterinary doctor or a professional who can give you a perfect piece of advice by analyzing dog’s breed, height, weight, and diet. It is preferable to provide a wholesome food though; so that you don’t need to give him the pills.

Benefits of Vitamin E for Dogs

If we talk about food, many food items of the dog contain vitamin E because of its wide range of advantages. You can also add it separately to your pet’s diet and make his meal healthy. It is said that Vitamin E is essential for dogs.

  • It can heal an injury quickly.
  • It makes the joints and muscles healthy.
  • It is known as an antioxidant and makes the heart healthy.
  • It avoids further damages to the cells and prevents itching.
  • It is good for dog’s skin and his circulatory system.
  • It makes the coat of the dog soft and shiny.

If you want to make the skin glossy, you can add few drops of vitamin E oil to his bathtub or bathing water or give him a massage. It is often found in dog’s shampoos as it decreases flakiness and provides a healthy and shiny coat.

How Much Vitamin E to Give a Dog?

As I said, it is essential to give vitamin E to your dog. But, giving it too much can cause some severe issues with the passing time. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. It can be stored in your pet’s organs like the liver, which may not be washed out easily.

The recommended dosage is different as it depends on the age, size, and overall health of the dog. One can give vitamin E between 350 IU to 750 IU. These dosages do not harm the dog at all. As we know that some dogs are hyperactive. They may require more doses than this given numbers.

Natural is always better!

You should always consult your pet’s vet before giving them extra supplements. High quality and balanced food are enough for the vitamin E intake. Still, you should not take a risk. Ask the doctors about the dosage of the vitamins. Prefer capsules if you decide to give extra supplements.

So now, any of your friends have a question: ‘Is vitamin E good for dogs?’ Give them a reference of this article and help them to understand the benefits, dosages, and effects of deficiencies. You can also try some best dog multivitamins for the overall health of your dog. Observe, consult, decide, and choose the best things for your pooch to keep him fit and fine.

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