Cosequin ds plus MSM side effects: Is It Safe for your Dog?

One dog supplement that created much hype due to its effective results and unique formulation is Cosequin DS plus MSM supplement. Nutramax has formulated Cosequin, which is known to work wonders for dogs suffering from joint issues. Many dog owners just used to focus on their dog’s diet and exercise, which is not sufficient for our little pets. Dogs can develop some age-related diseases such as arthritis that can cause joint aches, immobility, stiff muscles and much more. All these conditions make our little ones upset and they are not able to keep up with high energy levels. 

Cosequin ds plus MSM side effects

The Cosequin formulation was introduced by the known and reputed brand of Nutramax to help in curing these joint-related problems in dogs. Giving a regulated dosage of these supplements claims to deliver effective results in reducing inflammation, increasing mobility and helping dogs to maintain proper joint health. Like all the supplements, many customers have noticed some side effects of this supplement too. The intensity and possibility of the side effects are subjective as it differs from dog to dog. However, it is better to know all the potential side effects before investing in a supplement for your pooch.

Side effects of dog supplements

Before starting with its side effects, let’s quickly look at its formulation and functions in a dog’s health. 

Cosequin DS is formulated using chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, and manganese ascorbate. All these three ingredients are known to be effective in repairing and producing the cartilage as well as synovial fluid. As we know that cartilage plays a vital role in joint movement, the synovial fluid helps in lubricating the joints. The fluid also works as a cushioning at also prevents the wear and tear of the muscles. As this formulation is a marvelous mix of amino acids and other essential nutrients that are needed for maintaining joint health, dog owners have seen the improved flexibility and mobility in their dogs.

The MSM ingredient in this supplement makes sure that only the supplement contains only sulfurs that are safe for the body as it also plays a significant role in improving joint immobility. The formulation overall is brilliantly made to target the joint for reducing the pain, inflammation and producing more cartilage, which efficiently helps the dogs to get their mobility. Many dog parents have been happy with the results this supplement has shown in their pets suffering from arthritis. I think one can add this supplement for their dog’s diet if your dog is aging or finding it difficult to stay active physically. 

Now that we know the formulation and the role it plays, let us discuss the common side effects of the supplement. 

Common side effects of the supplement

Allergic reaction in dogs: Many dogs are allergic to beef and hence the dogs can show allergic reactions to this supplement as well if it contains beef. Make sure to check the ingredient list to check if there are any potential allergens in the formulation that can be problematic for your dogs. The pets can experience excessive itching, hair loss, skin infections, etc due to allergic reactions.

Diabetic dogs: Dog owners should avoid this supplement if your dog is suffering from diabetes. Glucosamine in this supplement can block the production of insulin that can affect your dog’s health.

Gastrointestinal tract problems: Many dogs have shown these common side effects of upset stomach, vomiting, indigestion, and diarrhea due to a high dose of the supplement in the initial weeks. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, then it would be better to administer the supplement right after the meals and also contact your vet for deciding the dosage.

Final thoughts

Dogs like humans are prone to develop arthritis and other joints related to the disease as they age. Cosequin is a proven formulation that aids in improving and strengthening the joint tissues. And like any other drug and supplement, it also has side effects. If your dog is not diabetic and doesn’t have any allergy, then you can definitely opt for it. You can also contact your vet to decide the dosage and monitor your dog’s health for a couple of weeks. It is advisable to administer the Cosequin pills or liquids right after the meals to minimize or prevent the side effects.

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