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How Much B12 To Give a Dog? Can You Give Human B12?

How many times have we heard about vitamin B12 deficiency in humans? Many! The same applies to our pooches. They may suffer from a vitamin deficiency that can lead to many health issues such as lethargy and lack of appetite among other things.

Now, just like humans, we can give our dog vitamin B12 supplements. They are usually safe, but we urge you to consult the vet before deciding that your furry best friend needs supplements. Dogs come with complications and requirements that we may not be able to anticipate. Also, there may be drug interactions that we should be aware of. That is why, before even thinking about B12 shots for dogs, please talk to the vet.

How Much B12 To Give a Dog?

B12 dosage starts weekly for a given period of time and then, once in two weeks. After that, it is reduced to once a month until the level of B12 in your dog’s bloodstream is normal. How much exactly the dog needs per shot will depend on the weight of your dog, the severity of the deficiency, etc. That is why, again, we recommend that you take the doctor’s suggestion before going for it.

B12 Injections For Dogs

B12 InjectionsB12 is hard to absorb, which is why deficiency is common in the first place. If the condition is not severe, An oral medication that is mixed into your dog’s food is enough. However, vets always prefer injection for easier absorption. Also, shots are mandatory in severe cases.

If there are contraindications, the vet will tell you what to do.

IMPORTANT: Do not try to administer the shot yourself unless you have the vet’s consent. It is an easy procedure but leaving such things to the vet is the best thing to do. Surely, you don’t want to hurt your little best friend!

Can I Give My Dog Human Vitamin B12?

My Dog Human VitaminThe short answer is yes.

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, which is safe for dog use in small quantities. You can administer human B12 for your dog without worries as long as your vet has approved of the same.


Depending on the condition, your doggy can take anywhere between weeks and months to show improvement. Weight gain and activeness are two of the most common signs of improvement.


We don’t think much before popping over the counter B12 pills, but dogs don’t function like us. Even though it is safe to give them vitamins, we should never take their condition for granted. Leaving it to the vet or at least consulting him before deciding anything is the safest. It will ease your worries and ensure that Hugo is a happy, playful doggy!

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