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How to Measure a Dog’s Height?– Do it Correctly

Measuring the weight of your pooch is an easy task. You should have a weighing machine, your canine, and some attractions for your dog. But, ever thought measuring the height of your dog? As you know, it is essential to understand the height of your dog as you will have to buy many items for him like a dog door, winter clothes, belts, etc. Even if you want that your dog should take part in some dog sport or activities, then also you have to take care of his height & weight.

We can measure our height quickly by just standing in front of a wall with a drawn scale on it. But, many people have confusions regarding the measurement of a pet’s height. This article will give you the idea of how to measure your loyal buddy. So, keep calm and read further.

The Starting Point:

Start with his shoulder. When the dog has the highest shoulder, you can go for the measurement. The point where his neckline and the shoulder joint is called ‘Withers.’ You should start with withers on a dog, but keep one thing in mind that he stands straight. Remember that you should NOT measure the height from the head.

How to Measure a Dog’s Height?

The answer is, you will need some measuring tape or a yardstick. Your dog must not be lean or shrink to the ground. He should be straight. If you have a small pet, you can use a table to measure that little one’s height.

You can also use carpenter’s level for the precise measurement. If you do not have/get one, take help from your watchman uncle, outside sweeper, your sibling, or a friend. The one might become your solution to observe the leveling and judge whether it is appropriate or not from a certain level.

Start with the withers, and go downwards (parallel) with the measuring tape. Reach to the lower end. Hold in there and record the number for the future purpose.

Measurement for Special Purposes

Sometimes, there are many situations where you need to measure your furry companion’s height so that you can solve the confusions like at the time of the purchase of an electronic dog door or for some dog jumping competitions, etc. Also, when your pooch is growing rapidly, there might be a lot of changes in his height, and that becomes a reason of time to time measuring dog height. In such situations, you have to be extra careful.

He should come in or go out from the flapper of the door. Make sure that he is not hurting himself while crossing/jumping from the door. The top of the door should be one or two inches higher than the dog’s height. You can also assume his future height before setting up the door after considering the breed’s average heights.

To find out how tall a dog agility jump should be, you should measure the height as we have discussed before because the height of the jump is also based on the height of the dog.

Extra Tip:

If we talk about such competitions, one thing must be kept in mind that apart from the proper height or weight, the dogs must have adequate nutrition, and strengths in their body to complete those vigorous activities. Vet doctors and professionals suggest that there are no harmful effects if you give some best dog multivitamin to your favorite canine to make him healthy, active and robust.

I hope I am not failed in explaining how to measure a dog! From now onwards, whenever you find some issues regarding the dog’s height measurements, read this article and get the easy tips to complete the measurement task. And yes, don’t forget to give him his favorite treats after all the sessions. Make him healthy and happy!

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