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Best Dog Multivitamins Reviews

Dog owners always desire their pooches to be healthy and fit. And as much as all the pet parents pay attention to the meals and exercise, sometimes it is not sufficient to support the overall health of the dogs. Just like humans, dogs also need extra care when it comes to keeping up with their health. Today many such dog supplements are available in the market that can be beneficial for your canines. These supplements are primarily packed with vitamins that help in supporting the overall functions of the body. These vitamins are rare to find in the dog meals and hence one needs to feed these vitamins additionally.

Several brands have come up with pet vitamins to provide them the needed nutrition. Dogs with medical conditions are often required to take these supplements to help them stay fit. Other than this, even the senior dogs and puppies require additional vitamins to improve the functions of the body. So along with good quality dog food, being a dog parent, you must also invest in vitamins for dogs. Finding the right one might be a little challenging for you as there are several options available for the same. But don’t worry, I have done my research and curated a list of some of the best dog multivitamins that offer a range of vitamins to your dog to boost their immunity. Check these options below and choose the one according to your little one’s need:

Best Dog Multivitamin

1. Nutri-Vet Senior-Vite Chewables

Nutri-Vet-Multi-ViteOne of the top-rated and leading choices for the dog vitamins is this chewable multivitamin from Nutri-Vet. The veterinarians have formulated this multivitamin to provide the dogs with the spectrum of vitamins and other essential nutrients that are often in lesser quantity in the food. The formulation of this supplement can also be beneficial in supporting the cardiovascular functions of the body. Including these multivitamin chewable can also reduce the risks of potential diseases and infections. This multivitamin is a trusted choice of several dog owners due to its ingredient list and the 360-degree approach for your fur pet’s health.

  • Dogs often find the liver flavor of these chewable delectable and one can give this supplement as a treat to their canine.

  • As the multivitamins are in the form of chewable, dogs can easily chew and swallow it.

  • Nutri Vet has three variants for this multivitamin supplement: Senior, Adult, and Plus. So you can purchase the one based on the age and other requirements of your dog.

  • Regularly administering these multivitamin chewables can aid in protecting the cells against the free radicals that often cause damage in the body.

  • These multivitamin chewable tablets are packed with a range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, calcium and other such nutrients that work well for supporting the overall functions of the body.

  • The B-complex vitamins help in supporting the brain, liver, muscle, nervous system, and brain functions.

  • Some dogs do not find the smell and taste of this chewable desirable.

  • This multivitamin has an ingredient of sucrose, which is again not suitable for dogs.


2. HDP Nupro Supplement Gold

HDP Nupro SupplimentIf you are searching for an all-natural dog supplement for your little one, then this alternative might be suitable for your canine. It has a scientifically balanced formula that provides the dogs with all the needed vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids and other nutrients. This particular multivitamin supplement is suitable for all breed types. The directions of the dosage are also given so that the owner has no issues while deciding the dosage. Another excellent feature of this supplement is that it has mentioned its full ingredient list so that you can go through it and make an informed decision. It comes in four different sizes, so depending upon your requirement, you can select the variant.

  • There is no wheat or corn in its ingredient list, which is beneficial for dogs.

  • The dog owners have said that their dogs have liked the taste of this supplement and it can be given with treats or meals.

  • There are two variants available for this supplement: regular and smaller breeds.

  • As the supplement is in powder form, one can easily mix it with the pre-cooked meals and administer it to your pooch.

  • The supplement aids in improving appetite and promoting hair growth.

  • It has also shown effective results in helping the dogs with dry, itchy, or flaky skin.

  • The formulation of the supplement also works well for arthritic conditions, fertility issues and potency issues.

  • Some ingredients, such as garlic in this supplement is sometimes not suitable for the dogs.

  • Some dogs started showing side effects, so make sure to consult a vet before making the purchase.


3. Pet Tabs Plus

Pet-Tabs-PlusHere is another multivitamin in the chewable variant. Pet Tabs is also one of the trusted brands when it comes to such supplements for canines. This multivitamin supplement has been formulated to give an extra boost to your little friend. Manufactured in the USA, this is one of the top-selling multi vitamins globally. Pet Tabs has other variants of supplements that you can check out if you are looking for targeting a particular medical condition. It is available in two sizes; however, the pricing is on a steeper side.

  • This multivitamin chewable are suitable for an active, senior, or working dog.

  • It works well for improving the skin and coat of dogs.

  • The supplement is packed with all the required nutrients to boost immunity and help the dogs stay healthy.

  • The chewable has an enjoyable and likable flavor making it easy for the owners to feed their dogs.

  • The supplement contains wheat, corn and sucrose- all of them are not desirable for little ones.

  • The smell of this supplement is not desirable and is not liked by some dogs either.

  • The formulation of this supplement is not as remarkable as the other alternatives on this list.


4. Waggedy Chewable Dog Vitamins

waggedy Chewable Dog Vitamins There are quite a few brands that make supplements for pups and this brand is one of them. Waggedy offers supplements for puppies, adults and seniors. So if you are searching for an option that you can consider for buying puppy vitamins, then this is the one. This supplement is formulated to provide the complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. All these nutrients work well for improving the overall body functions. If you are buying this for your pup, then you will be glad to know that this supplement can aid your little one by supporting their growth and boosting their energy.

  • The supplement offers a rich source of antioxidants to the dogs that help in boosting immunity and also protect against the free radicals.

  • It can also aid senior dogs with maintaining the joints and prevent joint pain or immobility issues.

  • This vet-approved formula works well for promoting pet dental care and also helps in preventing the bad breath as well as bacteria.

  • It promotes healthier skin, coat, and nails for all ages of dogs.

  • The chews are soft and easy for the owners to administer by my mixing it with the meals or treats.

  • This supplement is also marked safe for pregnant or nursing dogs.

  • The multivitamin formulation can help in improving the digestive health in the long run for all breeds of dogs.

  • The size of the tablets is large for the dogs to chew.

  • The liver enzymes in the supplements can be allergic to some dogs, thus ensure this with your vet before buying this alternative.


5. Buddy & Lola Multivitamin for Dogs

Buddy & Lola Multivitamin for DogsThe last option on this list is this Multivitamin from the brand of Buddy & Lola. It is a proven dietary supplement for working, active, senior dogs and puppies. As this is specially meant for the category as mentioned above, give it a pass if your dog doesn’t belong to either of them. This supplement is formulated using all-natural ingredients. These ingredients are 100% safe for your canines and high quality as well. The supplements can help in keeping the nails, bones and teeth of your little ones healthy. It is also soy and dairy-free, making it suitable for dogs. The supplement is also packed with antioxidants and digestive enzymes that work well with other nutrients to deliver the best results.

  • The supplement contains about 34 essential nutrients and enzymes that help in promoting the overall health of senior dogs.

  • It can help in improving the digestive system as well as the immune system in your canines.

  • The chicken liver flavored chewable tablets can be given daily with meals or with treats.

  • These multivitamin tablets also work well for enhancing the energy levels in your dogs and also aids in improving the appetite.

  • The regular uptake of this supplement promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.

  • The ingredient list has nutmeg, which has not been liked by the dog owners as it not a preferred ingredient for the dog.

  • Tablets can be too hard to chew for some dogs.

  • The smell of these tablets is unpleasant and some buyers have complained about the same.


All these multivitamins are formulated with the needed vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and other such nutrients that help in promoting the health of your canine. However, not all supplements are suitable for all dog sizes and dog breeds. So make sure to go through the specifications of the product to make the right choice for your dog. I have tried to include all types and variants of supplements in this list so that you can have multiple options to choose from. Right from tables to chewable, these supplements are made for easy administration to your dogs. 

I prefer the second option, HDP Nupro supplement, as it offers a range of varieties for all ages of dogs. But if you are looking for a puppy vitamin option, the fourth option of Waggedy dog vitamins is preferable for your little one. I hope this article helps you to find the right multivitamin your dog and keep them healthy.

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