How To Put Ear Drops In An Uncooperative Dog: Ways To Put Ear Drops In

Pets are an integral part of our lives, more like a family member. We often go out of the way to provide them with the utmost comfort and happiness. But there are going to be times in your pet’s life where they would need proper medication due to a sickness or infection. This can be challenging if they are not trained or cooperative. 

If your dog is suffering from an ear infection, the veterinarian will most likely prescribe ear drops for it. This can turn out to be a tough job if your dog is highly reluctant.

Tips To Put Ear Drops In An Uncooperative Dog

The following tips can help your hyperactive or unobliging dog when it comes to putting ear drops:

Create a Positive Environment

Create a positive environment

Before trying to put the ear drops, make sure you create a positive and happy environment for your dog. You can try stroking or giving treats to your dog before and after the medication to make it a pleasurable experience. You can take your dog to his or her treasured spot so that no negativity is associated with it. Always go to your pet rather than calling him or her to you. It is good to keep their favorite toys around.

Ear infections can be painful for your dog, so it is necessary to make the recovery process as smooth and painless as possible.

Get the Ears Cleaned

Get the ears cleaned

Before putting the ear drops in, get your dog’s ears cleaned thoroughly to remove any wax or discharge. You can use a veterinary-recommended ear cleaner and massage the ears to get it cleaned.

Place your Dog in a Restrained Area or an Elevated Surface.

dog in a restrained area

Taking your dog to a small area can reduce the chances of them running away. You can also strictly place your dog on a table. If your dog gets uncontrollable, you can also utilize a leash to restrain them gently. You can ask somebody to distract the dog or treat them while you gently pull their ear to put in the ear drops. If your dog is growling or aggressively snapping at you, you must put an adequately fitted muzzle to protect yourself.

Check the Level of Touch That your Dog is Comfortable With

level of touch dog is comfortable with

Examine whether your dog is comfortable with you touching near his or her ear. If your dog does not react, give a treat as a reward.

Carefully Put the Ear Drops

how to put ear drops in an aggressive dog

Once your dog is comfortable with your touch around his or her ear, gently pull the ear. You can try lifting the ear, pinching the ears between your fingers, brushing and flipping the ears, or pressing it more firmly. Along with this, put the ear drops with ease and keep on rewarding with treats if he or she gets aggressive or hyper.

Your dog might get terrified of the ear drop bottle. You can use a cotton ball to soak the ear drop solution and use it to squeeze into your dog’s ears in such a situation.

Massage your Dog’s Ears 

Massage your dog’s ears

After you’ve completed the process of putting the ear drops, it is always a good idea to massage the ear area to relieve them of any pain or irritation. This will also help them to calm down. 


We understand that the process of putting ear drops in an uncontrollable dog can be tiring and frustrating, but with the help of the points mentioned above, you can easily do so. If you’re still not able to control your dog, it’s best to contact your veterinarian to explore other options. Nothing is more important than your pet’s good health. A happy pet lives a happy life.

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